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Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is a core branch of engineering which is always recognized as an ever-green branch. Application of electricity is entwined in all forms of activity in the society.

We cannot even dream of living without use of electricity in various forms. Enrichment of quality of life is never possible without application of electricity.

The Electrical Engineering course covers the necessary input required in theoretical and practical terms to learn about the flow of electrons; operation of AC and DC motors; dealing with high voltage transmission and distribution of power; operation of electric machines, generators, transformers; safety and control of electric gadgets etc.

The laboratory of Electrical Engineering department at SGM Polytechnic College is well equipped with motors of different types, tools for measurement of voltage, resistance etc. and various other instruments for conducting experiments so that the students can learn about practical applications.
Duration:-- 03 years
Diploma in First Year: 35% Aggregate Marks in 10th or 12th or Rank in common entrance test
Diploma in Second Year(Lateral Entry): 60% Aggregate Marks in I.T.I. or 60% aggregate Marks in 12th and Rank in Group entrance test